June 25, 2021

Choosing the Ideal Material for Terraces and Natural Stone Paths

Natural stone is now increasingly popularly used for various needs at home while beautifying the appearance of the house.

Because natural stone itself can be used for various purposes of construction of the house, besides because it looks very attractive, natural stone is also very strong so it is not easily destroyed or easily damaged.

This is what makes the price of natural stone in the market very expensive, even now natural stone is also increasingly rare because of natural stone enthusiasts themselves.

Natural stone is also suitable for outdoor use

While most natural stone is used to coat walls and floors, some use natural stone for outdoor purposes such as example used as various layers of floors on terraces or it could be for walkways.

But you also have to always pay attention to the materials you use when you want to make a path from natural stone. Because natural stone that can be used outdoors is also only certain types.

Therefore, in addition to considering the location of the natural stone path, you also have to know in advance the type of natural stone you want to use.

Types of Natural Stone Suitable for Outdoor Use

When you are looking for the type of natural stone used for outdoor areas, the first thing you have to understand is the level of porosity that this type of natural stone has. The level of porosity will greatly affect the ability of these natural stone types to water and air humidity.

Make sure to choose the type of natural stone that has a low level of porosity because of its better ability and durability, here are some types of natural stone that you can use for the outdoors.

  • Granite

In the first choice, there is one type of natural stone called granite. Besides being famous because granite is the hardest, strongest, and very solid stone, granite itself has the lowest porosity level compared to other types of natural stone.

Then this type of natural stone will be very suitable for various outdoor purposes. Granite has several colour options, veins, and patterns.

  • Marble

Marble is known to be very strong and tough, so when it comes to the strength of this stone, there is no need to question its durability when used in outdoor areas.

What makes this stone so durable is the process of its formation which involves high-temperature pressure. Marble is more water-absorbing than granite, but you can add a sealant to solve this problem.

  • Slate

Then there is a type of natural stone called slate stone. This stone is very special because it has several advantages such as being resistant and not absorbing water, fire resistance, stain resistance, and also anti-slip so it will be very safe when used for outdoor purposes so even if it is wet it will not be slippery.

  • Limestone

There are also stones whose one advantage is that they are easy to obtain. That is limestone where this stone is formed generally in shallow water so that it will be very easy to collect or mine. This stone has quite a variety of colours, generally white and brown, so you can adjust it according to your taste.