June 13, 2021

Types of Natural Stone and the Advantages of Granite Countertops

Many people are interested in using natural stone materials to be used as decorations that serve to beautify the appearance of various parts of the house. Please note that natural stone is one of the hard and very strong materials which of course will be very suitable for home decoration construction.

Because in addition to having beautiful patterns and colours, the strength of natural stone supports it to last for a long time. But of course, the more beautiful the pattern and the rarer the colour of a type of natural stone and the price will also be more expensive.

The Most Popular Types of Natural Stone

Many types of natural stone exist today, but there are only a few that are the most popular and most widely used for various reasons. As one example is the strength of natural stone itself, the type of natural stone that is strong and hard will certainly be more durable so it is preferred by many people.

But still, it comes back to the taste of each person, where they are free to determine which type of natural stone is the most popular, here are some of the most popular types of natural stone.

  • Andesite Stone

First, there is an andesite stone, where this stone has a very long history because this stone has been popular even since the Dutch colonial era. Andesite stone itself is widely used as a building material for walls, fences, bridges, and irrigation canals.

  • Templek Stone

Then there is the Templek Stone where this type of natural stone is also very special, this stone became a symbol of the origin of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia after the Dutch colonial era ended. Many old buildings in the city area and old houses in the Jatinegara area, East Jakarta use this stone.

  • Palimanan Stone

Palimanan Stone itself was very popular in the 50s, and this stone is famous for having a very attractive colour. The colour is very distinctive and different from other types of natural stone, which is light brown and brown. Therefore, this stone will be very beautiful used as an interior or exterior material.

  • Paras Jogja Stone

The next popular type of natural stone is paras Jogja stone, this stone has a white colour with an attractive surface contour that adds to the natural impression. This stone is soft so it is easier to carve. This type of natural stone that was popular in the early ’60s was often used as a building exterior material.

Natural stone can also be used as furniture in the house

The natural stone itself can not only be used as a house exterior material, besides that several types of natural stone can be used as furniture in the house, for example, granite. Where the granite can be used long term, because it is water and moisture resistant, it is not easily weathered.

With designs and colours that have many variations and are easy to clean, many home furnishings can be made using granite such as countertops.