The Popularity of the Famous Beautiful Bali Stone

Bali stone is one type of natural stone that is very popular in Indonesia, even the natural stone has been known to foreign countries. Of course, Indonesia always has a variety of uniqueness and characteristics that make it very popular.

As one example is the type of natural stone where natural stone is very popular because of its characteristic which is to have a very attractive appearance, beautiful but still simple to create a minimalist impression.

Indeed, using natural stone and used as a material for decoration is the most appropriate choice because natural stone always gives a beautiful impression on the part that is coated with natural stone.

Beneficial Benefits of Natural Stone for Anyone Who Uses It

There are various types of buildings that are commonly encountered today using natural stone as decorative ornaments. Many private houses are intentionally decorated using natural stone because maybe the owner of the house is also a person who likes natural stone.

There are so many types of natural stone that are often used for various purposes, indeed the first thing to do before using natural stone material to beautify buildings is to know in advance the various types of natural stone because of course, every natural stone has advantages and disadvantages as well as characteristics. each of them.

Then there is also an important thing to know, the namely natural stone itself has many benefits that benefit humans who use it. Therefore, detailed knowledge about natural stones will be very useful for those who like these natural stones.

Maybe not many people realize that natural stone also provides many benefits or positive things that benefit human life, but still, this is very interesting information to know. The following are some of the benefits of natural stone for humans.

  1. Beautify the Garden

If you have a small or large garden, then adding quality natural stone ornaments such as Bali stone to be used as decoration is something worth considering. Because as we know the garden will be very suitable if combined with natural stone because it can add a natural impression that makes the garden more alive. The natural stone can be used to decorate driveways, walkways and to decorate planting media.

  1. Wall Pattern

Besides being able to be used to decorate a garden, natural stone can also be used to decorate wall motifs. So, you can use these natural stones to beautify the appearance of your walls, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wall.

Because generally the walls are given a plain colour will be more boring over time. Then by using natural stone, a certain unique pattern will usually be formed that makes the wall look less boring.

  1. Cooling the Room

Natural stone in addition to presenting a beautiful and elegant appearance also has one of the abilities that make it very useful for human life, namely it can cool the room by absorbing the heat in a room. This is what makes floors made of natural stone feel cooler when stepped on. Of course, this will make anyone feel more at home.

  1. As Detoxification

Please note that several types of natural stone can remove toxins and harmful substances contained in the human body. Thus, these substances or toxins will not damage your body. so, the ability to detoxify like this is indeed very useful and very beneficial for humans. Thus, a human being can still maintain health with a comfortable home atmosphere.

  1. Overcoming Insomnia

The latter is probably something that is still very rarely known by many people, namely, there is one type of natural stone that can help someone who has insomnia. So, this is one of the benefits of natural stone which of course will be very useful for those who experience insomnia sleep disorder. Thus, fewer people will experience insomnia.

Only Buy Quality Natural Stones from Trusted Parties

Although at first glance the various types of natural stone sold in the market look the same, we must always be observant to distinguish quality natural stone and which natural stone is of less quality. One of the safest ways, of course, is to only buy from certain parties who provide quality natural stone. Especially if we want to buy exclusive and rare natural stones such as Bali stone.

How to Improve Your Home with Natural Stone Coating in Various Parts

The house is not just a place to live, but the house must also be designed and built as beautifully and comfortably as possible so that anyone who lives in the house feels comfortable. Someone is free to be creative to give various touches in their home, to suit what they want thus they will be more satisfied and happier to live in their own home.

Various ways can be done to increase the beauty of the house, whether using a simple method or a more complex method. There are various types of materials that can be used to enhance the appearance of the house.

For example, what is currently popular is decorating the house using various types of natural stone, which adds to the natural and simple impression of your home. Indeed, the trend to use natural stone has been popular for a very long time, but in every era, there are different types of popular natural stone.

This makes there are natural stones that have a classic impression and there are also natural stones that have a modern minimalist impression when applied at home.

Using Natural Stones to Beautify Your Home

There are various types of natural stone that you can choose to be used as materials for decorating the interior and exterior of the house to make it more beautiful to look at. The natural stone itself is not too difficult to find, where currently many people sell it.

But of course, you have to recognize the various types of natural stone first before deciding. A good arrangement will create a luxurious and minimalist impression on your home, here are some parts of the house that can be beautified with natural stone.

  • Wall

One of the most common, of course, is applying natural stone on the walls of the house. Indeed, natural stone will be very suitable to be used to coat the walls of the house, whether it is the inner wall of the house or the outer wall of the house.

But of course, we have to consider the type of natural stone used, because when the natural stone is used as an exterior it will often be exposed to the heat of the sun and also humidity due to rainwater.

  • Floor

Then there is the floor, where currently there are many types of natural stone that can be used as a layer on the floor. Floors that are coated with natural stone will certainly look more luxurious and elegant, compared to floors that are coated with other types of materials such as ceramics.

And there are several types of natural stone which even though they have a smooth surface, are not slippery when stepped on so they will be very safe.

  • Terrace

The terrace will also be very suitable to be decorated with various ornaments made of natural stone. Of course, the terrace is a very comfortable place to relax, whether in the afternoon or the in morning. So, by decorating your terrace using various types of natural rocks, of course it will increase the comfort as well as the beauty of your area.

  • Footpath

The next is also still on the outside of the room, namely the path that is usually in the yard. Of course, the home page is also one of the most decorated parts by homeowners. As one example is making a path using a certain type of natural stone.

Of course, this will make the page look more beautiful. In addition, because several types of natural stone have a rough surface, it can make the path safer because with the stone the path becomes not slippery.

Always Choose Quality Natural Stone

So that every part of the house that you cover with natural stone material looks beautiful and also durable, then make sure you choose quality natural stone material, which is widely sold by natural stone sellers even though the price difference is more expensive.

But the quality certainly obtained is also following the money spent. However, if you choose natural stone material which usually has a cheaper price, then most of these natural stones are of poor quality, for example, they are more fragile and look less attractive.

Choosing the Ideal Material for Terraces and Natural Stone Paths

Natural stone is now increasingly popularly used for various needs at home while beautifying the appearance of the house.

Because natural stone itself can be used for various purposes of construction of the house, besides because it looks very attractive, natural stone is also very strong so it is not easily destroyed or easily damaged.

This is what makes the price of natural stone in the market very expensive, even now natural stone is also increasingly rare because of natural stone enthusiasts themselves.

Natural stone is also suitable for outdoor use

While most natural stone is used to coat walls and floors, some use natural stone for outdoor purposes such as example used as various layers of floors on terraces or it could be for walkways.

But you also have to always pay attention to the materials you use when you want to make a path from natural stone. Because natural stone that can be used outdoors is also only certain types.

Therefore, in addition to considering the location of the natural stone path, you also have to know in advance the type of natural stone you want to use.

Types of Natural Stone Suitable for Outdoor Use

When you are looking for the type of natural stone used for outdoor areas, the first thing you have to understand is the level of porosity that this type of natural stone has. The level of porosity will greatly affect the ability of these natural stone types to water and air humidity.

Make sure to choose the type of natural stone that has a low level of porosity because of its better ability and durability, here are some types of natural stone that you can use for the outdoors.

  • Granite

In the first choice, there is one type of natural stone called granite. Besides being famous because granite is the hardest, strongest, and very solid stone, granite itself has the lowest porosity level compared to other types of natural stone.

Then this type of natural stone will be very suitable for various outdoor purposes. Granite has several colour options, veins, and patterns.

  • Marble

Marble is known to be very strong and tough, so when it comes to the strength of this stone, there is no need to question its durability when used in outdoor areas.

What makes this stone so durable is the process of its formation which involves high-temperature pressure. Marble is more water-absorbing than granite, but you can add a sealant to solve this problem.

  • Slate

Then there is a type of natural stone called slate stone. This stone is very special because it has several advantages such as being resistant and not absorbing water, fire resistance, stain resistance, and also anti-slip so it will be very safe when used for outdoor purposes so even if it is wet it will not be slippery.

  • Limestone

There are also stones whose one advantage is that they are easy to obtain. That is limestone where this stone is formed generally in shallow water so that it will be very easy to collect or mine. This stone has quite a variety of colours, generally white and brown, so you can adjust it according to your taste.

Types of Natural Stone and the Advantages of Granite Countertops

Many people are interested in using natural stone materials to be used as decorations that serve to beautify the appearance of various parts of the house. Please note that natural stone is one of the hard and very strong materials which of course will be very suitable for home decoration construction.

Because in addition to having beautiful patterns and colours, the strength of natural stone supports it to last for a long time. But of course, the more beautiful the pattern and the rarer the colour of a type of natural stone and the price will also be more expensive.

The Most Popular Types of Natural Stone

Many types of natural stone exist today, but there are only a few that are the most popular and most widely used for various reasons. As one example is the strength of natural stone itself, the type of natural stone that is strong and hard will certainly be more durable so it is preferred by many people.

But still, it comes back to the taste of each person, where they are free to determine which type of natural stone is the most popular, here are some of the most popular types of natural stone.

  • Andesite Stone

First, there is an andesite stone, where this stone has a very long history because this stone has been popular even since the Dutch colonial era. Andesite stone itself is widely used as a building material for walls, fences, bridges, and irrigation canals.

  • Templek Stone

Then there is the Templek Stone where this type of natural stone is also very special, this stone became a symbol of the origin of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia after the Dutch colonial era ended. Many old buildings in the city area and old houses in the Jatinegara area, East Jakarta use this stone.

  • Palimanan Stone

Palimanan Stone itself was very popular in the 50s, and this stone is famous for having a very attractive colour. The colour is very distinctive and different from other types of natural stone, which is light brown and brown. Therefore, this stone will be very beautiful used as an interior or exterior material.

  • Paras Jogja Stone

The next popular type of natural stone is paras Jogja stone, this stone has a white colour with an attractive surface contour that adds to the natural impression. This stone is soft so it is easier to carve. This type of natural stone that was popular in the early ’60s was often used as a building exterior material.

Natural stone can also be used as furniture in the house

The natural stone itself can not only be used as a house exterior material, besides that several types of natural stone can be used as furniture in the house, for example, granite. Where the granite can be used long term, because it is water and moisture resistant, it is not easily weathered.

With designs and colours that have many variations and are easy to clean, many home furnishings can be made using granite such as countertops.

Why Use Natural Thin Veneer Stone to Cover the Walls of The House?

Natural stone does have various functions that make it much sought after by everyone. For example, the most common is to use natural stone to be used as a material to decorate a house so that it looks even more beautiful.

Natural stone is increasingly popular as time goes by where there are now many variations of product development from natural stone, especially natural stone used for home decoration purposes to make it more beautiful. No wonder if until now the interest in natural stone is also increasing and more and more.

Thin Natural Stone Veneer but Has Good Durability

This appears as a product of the development of natural stone itself, which is called natural stone veneer. Where natural stone veneer itself is a type of natural stone that is deliberately made into a very thin shape so that it can be attached to walls or other objects desired by the user.

Even with the increasingly sophisticated technology today, natural stone veneer can also be bent or curved according to need. Keep in mind that even though this natural stone veneer is thin, it has very strong durability because it is made from natural materials, namely natural stone.

So, you can be sure that when you use this natural stone veneer material, you don’t have to worry about the natural stone veneer being damaged or having poor durability as long as you use veneer that uses natural stone raw materials, so you don’t have to worry about this problem.

Because the natural stone veneer is mostly used outdoors, for example for wall decoration on the outside of the house, of course, every day it will interact directly with various weather conditions which are very risky to be damaged.

Keeping Natural Stone Veneer to Be More Durable

It is important to always maintain the condition of natural stone veneer so that it still looks beautiful and has good durability like most other items, natural stone veneer also requires good care.

So, when you use this material, make sure you also know how to take care of it properly and correctly so that your natural stone veneer can last for a long time, here are some ways to treat natural stone.

  • Fiberglass Coating

The first thing to note is that when you use natural stone with a thickness of 0.3 – 2 mm then you should give a layer of fiberglass on the back so that the construction of the natural stone veneer that you use becomes stronger and more flexible so that the durability will increase.

  • Anti-Fungal Coating

If you want the appearance of the natural stone veneer that you use to remain beautiful and pleasing to the eye, then make sure you use a layer of ordinary stone coating to prevent your natural stone veneer from being overgrown with moss or fungus which will greatly interfere with the appearance of the natural stone finish.

  • Use Triplex Coating

For those of you who use natural stone veneer sheets with a minimum size of 122 cm x 61 cm then you can use a layer of plywood first before applying so that the natural stone veneer sheets you use can be more durable and long-lasting.

What Are Tonsil Stones and How to Remove Them Properly and Correctly

One of the health problems that often occurs in a person is tonsil stones. This health disorder usually arises in the tissue pads on the back of the mouth that leads to the throat.

Health disorders such as tonsils are indeed very common in a person, even the frequency is also very diverse where there are people throughout their life who have never experienced these health problems at all, but there are also people who have several times experienced health problems, namely the tonsil stones.

How to Remove Tonsil Stones Naturally

Although health problems in the form of tonsil stones are not deadly, still, if these health problems occur in someone, they must be treated quickly and correctly. Because still, health problems like that will be very disturbing for a person’s comfort.

Therefore, proper handling and prevention are needed so that tonsil stones can be lost, here are some easy and natural ways to remove tonsil stones.

  • Gargle With Salt Water

The first natural way that you can do to get rid of tonsil stones easily is by gargling with salt water. Because salt has been proven to relieve discomfort in the throat and also help remove the tonsil stones. Usually, tonsil stones cause bad breath, gargling with warm salt water can eliminate bad breath.

  • Not Holding Cough

If someone is suffering from tonsil stones, then never hold your cough because the stones are believed to be able to remove the tonsil stones from the mouth. Therefore, you should not hold the stone, and cough slowly to remove the stone from the mouth.

  • Removal of tonsil stones

Another way that can be done to remove tonsil stones is to use a cotton bud. so, the cotton bud can be directly directed to the tonsil stones for further removal from the mouth. This method is a bit extreme, which can cause bleeding and infection. Therefore, never do this method using a hard textured object such as a toothbrush.

  • Antibiotics

The next step that can be taken is to use antibiotics, this method is the most commonly used method by doctors where doctors will give medicines containing antibiotics to reduce the number of bacteria present in the tonsil stones.

But still, these antibiotics are only to reduce the number of bacteria and cannot cure the main cause of the tonsil stones.

Many people are not aware that they have tonsil stones, therefore conditions like this must be very careful where if we do not realize that they have tonsil stones, then of course we will not immediately seek treatment which will lead to the severity of the tonsil stone disease.

The way to see tonsil stones is to open your mouth wide in the mirror, then look at the side of the back of the mouth for lumps that stick out yellowish-white, which is called tonsil stones.

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones

Although tonsils are one of the health problems that can be cured, it would still be better if we can prevent these health problems from the start so that we don’t have to look for various ways to cure them.

In addition, the presence of tonsils will of course interfere with our activities, because of the discomfort and also usually followed by other health problems. the following is how to prevent tonsil stones.

  • Diligently Brushing Teeth

The first thing to do if you want to prevent the appearance of tonsil stones is to maintain dental health by regularly brushing your teeth twice a day so that all germs and bacteria in your teeth can be lost and do not cause tonsil stones to appear.

  • Gargle

Then it is also important to always maintain oral health by gargling, diligently gargling every day of course will eliminate all bacteria or germs that exist in all parts of the mouth, especially the back of the mouth, where bacteria or germs can trigger the appearance of tonsil stones.